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LBL Trail Run Course Overview

Course Overviews: (Canal Loop Map)
START: The course starts on the shore of beautiful Kentucky Lake. Turn off Hwy 453 at the entrance to Lighthouse Landing, and proceed past the sailboats to the shoreline starting area. From the start, take a right onto 453 and proceed south for 1.5 miles, utilizing the canal bridge. If we have a clear morning you should see the sun rising over Lake Barkley. Turn right onto Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, and head up and over the hill to the trail head, which is just before the road takes a sharp turn to the left. Note that you take the trail to the right, and will run in a clockwise direction. This initial 1.9 mile road section should allow for separation of participants before entering the trail.
The Canal Loop trail (designated by blue markers on trees), is a scenic, well groomed 11.3 mile loop on mostly single-track between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes; offering many breathtaking views of the lakes, and several short challenging hills.

Elevation change: has been measured at 1119' for the 23km; 2068' for the marathon, 3017' for the 60k, and 3966' for the 50 mile.
Be alert for sections containing exposed roots, and some rock.
You can follow the course on
The course will be marked with mile markers (at aid stations, and on the course), arrows, signage, barrier tape, etc. It is the ultimate responsibility of the runner to watch out for cars, bikers, other runners, and course hazards.

Cash awards for establishing new course records, both male and female:
There is a $500 cash award for anyone establishing a new course record in either the 50 mile run or the 60k. This applies to both male and female.

-- $250 cash award for new record holders in the 23k, and Marathon... male and female. See the list of Previous Winners for time to beat.

60K Ultra:
Start at Lighthouse Landing, run three loops on the Canal Loop, then head back to Grand Rivers Welcome Center for the finish.
Must start 3rd loop by 2:45pm, or you will be sent to finish line to receive a marathon finish and award.

60K Ultra Course Record: Male - 4:07:05 - Scott Breeden of Bloomington IN, established in 2013. Female - Melanie Peters 4:57:44, set in 2012

50 mile run:
Start at Lighthouse Landing, run Canal Loop 4 times, turn left onto Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive, run .6 mile to turnaround, and proceed to finish at Grand Rivers Welcome Center. Make certain an official records your name/number before proceeding at the end/beginning of each loop.
NOTE: Due to time limits, NO COMPETITOR WILL BE ALLOWED TO START A FOURTH LAP UNLESS THEY ARE ON PACE TO FINISH IN 11 HOURS. This means that 50 milers must start their 4th loop by 3:15 p.m. or be sent to finish line to receive their 60k buckle and finish time.

50 Mile course record holders:Male - ultrarunning stars David Riddle 5:53:22, and Female - Melanie Peters of White Lake MI 6:59:27, set in 2013

Start at Lighthouse Landing, run Canal Loop 2 times, head back to finish at Grand Rivers Welcome Center. Make certain an official records your name/number before starting your 2nd loop.

Marathon course record holders:Male -Christopher Hollinden of Tell City IN - 2:52:20 (2013); Female - Anna Weber of Indianapolis - 3:11:54 (2013)

Start at Lighthouse Landing, run Canal Loop once, then back to Grand Rivers Welcome Center for the finish.
Those walking the course should extend common courtesy of stepping out of the way of those running.

23K Course Record: Male - Blake Davenport of Murphysboro, IL - 1:30:11 set in 2013. Female - Becky Boyle of Indianapolis 1:39:36 set in 2013

Course Marshals :
There will be mountain bikers riding the course watching for runners needing assistance.

Drop Downs/Drop Outs :
If you decide it's not your day and you'd like to run less than what you entered, be sure to let the official know at the end/beginning of the loop, who will mark your bib # indicating your decision. You can drop down and still receive the award and finishing time for the event you finish. Be sure to confirm with the timers at the finish line that you have moved down. NOTE: you will not be allowed to move up to the next higher event.

In the unfortunate event that you need to drop out of the race, please notify the nearest course marshal or aid station, who will see to it that you are returned to the finish line.
Notifying us will assist in assuring everyone is accounted for.

Aid Stations/Porta johns:
Will be situated every 3-4 miles; stocked with food and drink. S.W.O.R.D. is the official hydration drink. Gatorade, water, and soda will also be available. We recommend you have a water bottle to cut down on the use of paper cups.
Lite snacks, fruit, chips, etc will also be available.

If you have special needs for food or drink you should place them in a drop bag for your use.

Special Needs Bags :
We will drop special needs at the aid station located at the NORTH WELCOME STATION for you if you would like. You will need to place items in a bag with your name/number clearly marked.

BIG NOTE: When you are finished with your bag for the day, please place it in the "BAGS READY TO BE RETURNED TO THE FINISH AREA" Bags will be brought back frequently beginning at around 09:30. Doing this simple thing will mean that your bag will be at the finish in a timely manner.

Note: We are not responsible for the contents in the bag.

The average high/low for Grand Rivers in March is 63/40. However, be prepared for anything. Also, be sure to check out for up to the minute conditions.
2004's race featured a lightning storm and plenty of rain.
2005 conditions were ideal.
2006 had rain, sun, heat, and lots of fun.
2007 featured ideal conditions
2008 - Geez... 7 inches of snow!
2009 - Mud... but a lot of fun!
2010 ideal conditions and course records fell in abundance.
2011 very nice.
2012 awesome weather
2013 perfect weather
2014 7" snow starting, leading to icy rivers later in the day! What fun!
2015 over 20" of snow followed by heavy rains forced us off the trails for the only time in the history of the event. We used a really pretty road course instead of canceling the event (like many others were forced to do). This was extremely unusual, and unexpected.
2016 - We were back on the trails!

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Published on: 2005-03-03 (59517 reads)

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